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Tony Collis, Levin, NZ

Michael and Linda

Livengood are a couple with great depth and integrity. The first time I was under their ministry, I was taken by Michael's powerful, Bible‐based anointed preaching and altar ministry which is powerfully supported by Linda's worship and intercession ministry. I know of few men who have the breadth and sharp harvesting edge Mike has.

I am training evangelists all of the time and I expose my students to video ministry of Michael as an example of clear and anointed evangelistic ministry. This couple impresses all they meet and their servant attitude to pastors and churches is appreciated and inspiring.


God very graciously outpoured His Presence in 2000 and the meetings were extended for 20

weeks – five nights a week. Then in 2001 ministry was extended for 17 weeks. Michael is a wonderful model of how an evangelist can work with a local church. He has great depth of preaching and moves in the gifts of the Spirit freely. His passion is to see churches revived and sinners saved! The altar ministry is a good feature of their ministry, showing ompassion,grace, dignity and authority with strong Holy Spirit anointing and a powerful Presence of God.

If you are hungry for genuine authentic Holy Ghost ministry in the Word and Spirit, I recommend Michael and Linda to you.

Pastor Seth Fawcet

Hope Centre,

Lower Hutt, NZ

Biographical sketch

Michael Livengood serves as the Founder and President of Mike Livengood Ministries and Doorkeepers New Zealand.  He is ordained with the Assemblies of God. Raised in the home of an Assemblies of God pastor. Served as a Pastor for ten years providing a base for understanding effective ministry in the local church and now full-time Itinerant since1984. 

Mike Livengood Ministries PO BOX 1455 Danville, IL 61834-1455 

217 443 4560     Michael@mikelivengoodministries.com

Doorkeepers New Zealand 04 Downer Street  PO Box 31655

Lower Hutt Wellington 5040 New Zealand   

021 043 2338  mikliven@xtra.co.nz


Our NewZealand Story

We believe God has a special role for New Zealand in these ‘last days’ before the return of Jesus. We first came to New Zealand in 1999 to attend a Conference in Auckland. One of the conference speakers was on staff at a major revival center in the States.

He introduced us and as a result we were invited to preach in GodZone before returning to the USA. Those speaking engagements led to invitations to return in year 2000. The Lord very spectacularly confirmed these invitations to be a part of our destiny.

The planned six weeks of ministry turned into a six month stay in New Zealand including twenty weeks of nightly services at what is now Hope Centre church in Hutt Valley. We continue to have a relationship with that church. We have become residents of New Zealand and spend roughly six months of each year ministering in this nation. We have preached from Kaitaia to Invercargill...from Lyttelton to Westport...from Hawera to Dannieverke.

We have driven on almost every major road in New Zealand. Do you know where En Hakkore retreat center is? We do! It is near Waipiata (if that helps). It is located in one of the many beautiful, but isolated locations on the South Island.